Core Alchemy & Development

Massage Therapy
Massage is an ancient therapeutic modality known for enhancing the flow of body fluid, reducing muscular tension and promoting relaxation.  Through the physical manipulation of the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue, massage creates a total sense of well-being.  With it’s therapeutic effectiveness for combating and relieving stress, massage has come into the mainstream attracting health and conscious individuals.  Swedish massage is a flowing, soft, yet firm massage treatment which aims to improve circulation and relieve muscular fatigue and stress.  Deep tissue massage aims to relieve chronic muscular stress in the deep layers of the muscular system.

Energy Work
Energy work is the generic phrase referring to a system of bodywork that focuses on the universal flow of electro-magnetic energy in the body.  The trained practitioner hand’s can feel this subtle energy force.  Disturbances in the physical, emotional and mental functioning of an individual can be detected in the body’s energy patterns.  The practitioner’s focus is to clear the areas of blockage, support the areas of strength and thus, facilitate a state of balance and harmony in the body.

Process Oriented Bodywork
In process oriented bodywork, the individual comes with the intent of working with the body as the main vehicle of understanding the self.  The knowledge that emerges from the body is then integrated with the knowledge of the psyche (the care  of a professional counselor in addition to the bodywork process is necessary). 

In the bodywork process, as the facilitator, I either work with the individual sitting in a chair or lying on a bodywork table.  Techniques such as visualization, meditation, energy work and massage are used.  These techniques facilitate the individual’s awareness of the body and allow for the wisdom from within to emerge.  Often past traumas that have been held in the body surface and the individual is given the opportunity to work through the trauma.  Insight and body sensation of the traumatic experience allows the individual to heal and transform the experience.

The Pilates Method
The Pilates method is a unique body conditioning system of movement and therapeutic exercise, which combines the knowledge of Hatha Yoga, martial arts and athleticism, designed to strengthen the entire body.

Pilates is especially wonderful for women as it strengthens the pelvic floor and restores the body to true balance, ease and economy of movement, and develops awareness of one’s natural flow of organic energy.  It improves circulation and increases range of motion, while stretching and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit.

Before building core strength in our bodies, we will begin by mindfully scanning and clearing our energy, thus inviting energetic alignment into our body building experience.

Core Development & Alchemy encourages movement from the core-self, activated through the application and combination of the Pilates Method, guided imagery, energy healing principles, massage and acupressure, block therapy and fascia blaster, addressing the muscular and meridian systems.

Core Development & Alchemy utilizes mindful modalities to foster and fortify energetic, emotional and physical strength in the bodymind.  Sessions are client centered and can combine acupressure, Process Oriented Bodywork, Pilates and Guided Imagery.  Some work is on the table, the Pilates apparatus, and rolling on stretching ball and/or roller.

After practicing traditional massage therapy for a number of years, I learned about somatic bodywork, and was led to study Process Oriented Bodywork with Dr. Suzanne Nixon.  This bodywork is integrative and designed for those who are on a mindfulness path, and who want to address any dis-embodiment patterns. Meaning it is ideal for individuals in therapy, with a desire to release trauma from the body and/or become more present.

Process Oriented Bodywork includes:
Educated Touch
Guided Imagery

The Meeting of Mind, Body & Energy Field

The mind is a natural bridge to the heart, spirit and soul.  Our beings are direct expressions of that bridge, including the body.  Thoughts, touch, movement, nutrition, sexuality, feelings, compassion, self-love, and our connectedness with all of life including plants, animals, and Earth itself are encompassed into all the aspects of our nature.

At this time in collective consciousness, the very essence of who we are and who we “think” we are, are one in the same (eventually science will prove this).  And thus our thoughts and feelings literally fuel our cells and organs every minute of every day.

Our level of mindfulness literally brings form to our physical body, either through health and vitality or illness and disease.The pathway of integrating and stabilizing wholeness from within is a powerful and dynamic process which entails meeting varied aspects of the Self and then bringing them into joyous communion.

Core Alchemy weaves the knowledge and practice of energetic healing, intuitive therapeutic-massage and bodywork, and the Pilates method.  It is an invitation to transform, unite, and manifest one’s divine essential self into aliveness.